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Giving of yourself to change a life


Volunteering can be a very rewarding experience. We have had individuals give a day, a week, or even a year of their time to serve as a volunteer. Are you skilled in cooking, carpentry, organizing, decorating, landscaping, mechanics, or even painting? Perhaps you are retired and would like to volunteer one day a week. If you simply have a heart to serve, then there is a place where we could use your help. Depending on the level of commitment you are interested in, there are a few different categories that most volunteers fit in.  


  • Volunteering for a day

  • Volunteering with a group for a special project

  • Volunteering on an as needed basis

  • Volunteering as an Intern 


Volunteering for a day
If you are interested in volunteering for a day, simply contact us and we will let you know what projects are available. We will do our best to choose a project that best fits your skills. Or, perhaps you already have a project in mind. Some examples of previous one day projects include: preparing a meal for the staff and residents, painting, various carpentry work, vehicle repairs, organizing storage areas, cutting up a fallen tree, installing phone lines, repairing a door, trimming trees/bushes, HVAC maintenance, computer work, and the list goes on.     
Volunteer Groups
Through the years we have had volunteer groups that ranged from 2 individuals to over 80 people! Groups have come from corporations, retired seniors, churches, and various members of the community. They have even come from as far away as Oklahoma. Depending on the project, volunteer groups usually come for a day, a week, or even a few weeks. The possibilities are definitely broad. If you have a heart to serve, and can put together a group, we have a wide array of projects for you to assist with.          

Volunteering on an as needed basis


Could we call on you for help if a pipe busted? Perhaps you have specialized skills that may not be needed at the immediate time, but you would like to make yourself available if the need should arise. Volunteers that fit into this category could be a mechanic, welder, heavy machinery operator, plumber, appliance repair technician, etc. Practically any trade or skill could be volunteered on an as needed basis. This is especially helpful since specialized needs do arise from time to time. Making yourself available for advice can also provide a much needed service in a time of need.    

Volunteering as an Intern
If you are a young lady who has recently graduated high school, and if you have a heart to minister to women, internship may be right for you. For more information, please visit our Internship page. 
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