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The Evangelistic Ministry of

Rev Shawn Collier


Rev Shawn Collier preaches an uncompromising message of salvation, of transformation, and of fulfilling your divine destiny. She knows first hand the life-changing power of the Gospel. When she was twenty-six years old, she was delivered from a destructive lifestyle of drugs and alcohol that nearly killed her multiple times.  


Rev Shawn delivers a powerful Word, with demonstration of the gifts of the Spirit. Last year she preached in seven states. Many souls were saved, delivered, and healed. She ministers a straightforward Gospel message, with the compassionate heart of the Father that cries out for his children to come home and to come up higher.  


When Rev Shawn ministers, she brings along a ministry team comprised of interns and students. The Ministry Team shares personal testimonies telling how God changed their lives. They also minister through heart-stirring human videos.     


If you would like more information on booking Rev Shawn Collier for a meeting, please e-mail us at: or call (334) 775-3127. 



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