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Staff Members


Founder and President

Rev Shawn is the Founder and President of Harvest Time Ministries, Inc. She is the Executive Director of Freedom Ministries & Senior Pastor of Harvest Time Church.  Rev Shawn knows firsthand many of the struggles and hurts our residents bring with them. Her love for God and her compassionate heart are key factors in reaching the ladies that God sends to the ministry. 
"At the age of thirteen I began a dark spiral into the depths of drug addiction that most people never survive.  Quaaludes, meth, THC, pot, acid, and even heroin.  For thirteen years, drugs and alcohol were part of my daily repertoire. It wasn't until I was twenty-six that Jesus and I came face-to-face.  FREEDOM came and peace flooded my heart.  I have remained free for thirty-six years.  My heart goes out to anyone who has been so lost that they feel no hope.  I've been there.  I know what it is to be alone and lonely.  I know what it is to be confused, rejected, and hopeless. BUT I ALSO KNOW THE WAY OUT!  That's why I started HTM/Freedom Women's Ministry...  To help you find the Answer in Jesus... To love you enough to be honest with you and speak the truth in love... To help you see that there IS hope and there is LIFE for you if you're willing."


Case manager

Emily, 32, came to Harvest Time as a student more than eleven years ago.  After she graduated the ministry in 2008, she interned for one year, and then came on as full-time staff.  

"My experience as a former resident gives me a unique and invaluable perspective for the ministry we do.  My own testimony of freedom from self-mutilation, anorexia, and suicide has given me a deep compassion for other women who find themselves lost in the pain and grief that leads to these kinds of behaviors.  It is a passion of my heart to see them experience the same freedom through Jesus."

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