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Senior Pastor
Rev Shawn Collier

Rev Shawn is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Harvest Time Church. She is an anointed woman of God who operates in the gifts of the Spirit, the prophetic, and the gift of faith. She preaches a powerful evangelistic message that will draw you closer to the Lord and stir you to action. Her sermons will challenge you to model a life of integrity and character.


At Harvest Time Church, you will be challenged to grow up spiritually. Rev Shawn's heart is that every member of the body of Christ find his/her place in serving, and understand that they are called to greatness. 


She is a '83-'85 Rhema Bible Training Center graduate and is an ordained minister under RMAI. She serves International Convention of Faith Ministries, also known as ICFM, as an area director in Alabama. She has established Harvest Time Girls Home, Freedom Women's Ministry, and travels throughout the United States and the world.

Paul Collier

Vice President

Rev Shawn is married to Paul Collier, a retired policeman and Vietnam-era veteran. Paul serves Harvest Time Ministries, Inc. as the Vice-President and Building Projects Overseer.

He is also a Board Member.  He worked as a peace officer for seven years and a criminal/fraud investigator for fourteen years.  Paul's extensive knowledge makes him a great asset to the ministry.  He loves the Lord and Rev Shawn with all his heart.


Executive Administrator

Emily, 33, came to Harvest Time as a student more than thirteen years ago.  After she graduated the ministry in 2008, she interned for one year, and then came on as full-time staff.  She is the Executive Administrator, Director of the School for Women, Accountant, Secretary Treasurer of our Board of Trustees, a case manager, and a Children's/ Nursery Minister. She brings valuable insight from her own experience as a student regarding the hurt and struggles many women experience. Her organizational skills have been a great asset through the years.

Chaney staff.jpg


Pastor's Executive Assistant

Chaney, 22, graduated the ministry and high school with all A's in 2014.  She interned for one year, and has been a full-time staff member for the past four years.  She is Rev Shawns' Executive Assistant which consists of all business and personal scheduling and research.  She travels alongside Rev Shawn for all ministry trips in the U.S. and abroad.  She has stood side by side with her pastor in Africa and Nicaragua.  We are grateful for her infectious enthusiasm and endless supply of energy.

Julia staff 3.jpg


Worship Leader

Julia, 22, entered the ministry in June of 2014, at the age of 17. Depression seemed to be never ending & insecurity ruled her life. As a result- anorexia, cutting and suicidal attempts were common place. She saw absolutely no way out. Julia always knew that God was real and He was the only way she would ever get free. Even then, she had no idea how to connect. Through the church services, Bible classes and then being filled with the Holy Spirit, it changed everything. Hope and joy flooded back into her life. She graduated the ministry in 2016, came on as an intern and has been serving faithfully on staff now for two years. She is our worship leader, does most things secretarial and is excited to serve Him in any capacity. Being fully pleasing to Him and serving where He sees fit is her utmost desire.

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