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Needs List


Could you help us with our needs list? The list is updated monthly and includes our most urgent needs, as well as the staple items that we use on a daily basis. We are constantly in need of various cleaning supplies, paper goods, and food items. Perhaps you would like to organize a food drive or send a designated gift. We need your help in order to provide the best possible service to our students. If you can be of assistance, please contact us at (334) 775-3127, or by email at Thank you for your support!






Ministry Needs List


  1. Ten outdoor brooms 

  2. Two large wheelbarrows 

  3. Three electric hedge clippers 

  4. Five sturdy oscillating fans

  5. Citronella for tiki lamps

  6. AA, AAA, & nine volt batteries

  7. Cleaning supplies

  8. 33 gallon trash bags

  9. Gardening tools (trowels, spades, etc.)

  10. 8 ft. folding tables 

  11. Office furniture 

  12. Office desks

  13. Office chairs 

  14. Copy machine 

  15. White Christmas lights (Please!!!)

  16. Computer 

  17. Really good weed eater

  18. Four large outdoor trash cans

  19. Pressure washer

  20. Donations toward roof for Church

  21. Drum Set

  22. Commercial Washer & Dryer Combo

  23. Oven


Harvest Time Ministries, Inc. is ALWAYS in need of Monthly Donors.


Ladies' Needs List

  1. Two 6ft. square tables 

  2. Six Large Exercise Mats

  3. Movies: Virtuous, God's not Dead 1&2

  4. Updated set of encyclopedias & thesaurus 

  5. Etymology dictionary 

  6. Roasts & ribs 

  7. Bacon & sausage 

  8. Money for an outing

  9. Commercial Mop & Bucket

  10. Donation for pool salt & chemicals

  11. Outdoor table for the pool

  12. Rocking chairs

  13. Vacuums

  14. Steam Mops

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