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We believe that true healing and restoration can only be obtained through the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. Biblical instruction plays a key role in the success of each resident in our care. Our main goal as a Bible Teaching Center is to establish women in Biblical principles which change, motivate, and redirect their lives. To accomplish this goal, we provide a broad spectrum of Bible courses. Our goals for this intensive discipling from the Word of God are:


  1. To develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

  2. To develop a disciplined prayer life

  3. To develop a working knowledge of the Bible and its use

  4. A comprehensive study of the foundational principles of the Bible

  5. Equipping the residents to live a godly and productive life

  6. Character development 

  7. Training in ministry


Our curriculum includes, but is not limited to:


  • Friends/Family/Relationships-- How to build honor and draw boundaries in every association

  • Dating/Intimacy/Marriage-- Making the right choices in a mate, becoming the right choice for a mate, and what comes next

  • Anger Management-- Discovering your anger style and how to properly handle anger

  • Hung by the Tongue-- The impact of our words on ourselves, our children, and our world

  • How to Study the Bible-- Practical ways to make the Word come alive to you

  • Growing up Spiritually-- The stages of spiritual growth and how you can tell where you are

  • Healing the Wounded Spirit-- From battle scars to beauty marks

  • Authority of the Believer-- Who's the Boss? Knowing what it means to be "in Christ"

  • Raising Blessed Children-- Strategies for raising children that can successfully navigate the Christian life

  • Prayer-- How to pray according to the Word for every situation in life

  • Pure in Heart-- Dealing with fear, guilt, anger, shame and low self-esteem

  • Finding Your Place in God-- Why you are here? Finding out why God created you

  • Purpose and Passion-- Who are you?  Learning how to live a life of fulfillment in Christ

  • Foundations of Life-- What you need to know

  • Financial Stability-- Truth and wisdom for living in God's abundance and financial freedom

  • Life Skills-- Practical instruction on daily living

  • Distractions From Destiny-- What are you looking at? How to stay focused on the plan God has for you

  • Faith-- Without faith, you have nothing; how to live a life of faith



Without addressing the spiritual, we do not believe true healing and restoration can be obtained; so it plays a key role in the growth and success of each student.

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