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A Letter From The Founder

Precious One,

It is no accident that you are reading this.  God Himself ordained it.  You are at a crossroads in your life.  It’s not all about rules or what you can or cannot do.  It’s about the freedom to feel and laugh again.  It’s about walking the course, not just talking about it.  I am talking about a relationship, not religion.



I began using drugs when I just turned 13.  Every drug you can think of I did, except crack, including mainlining heroin.  For 13 years I was addicted, afraid, bound, purposeless, rejected and shamed.  Alcoholism and drug addiction had emptied my life.  I wasn’t doing right.  I had no family and no friends.  I have been where you have been.  I have felt what you have felt.  Despair, grief, loathing, loneliness, poverty and grief consumed me.  I was trying to navigate in a world that I did not understand.  It was painful and very dark.


Yet somewhere deep inside I always wondered, “Was there hope for me?”

After all I had seen and done- could things ever be different for me?


When I was 26 years old sitting in a bar- drunk and high- I heard a voice that I knew to be the Lord say, “You will not live much longer if you continue to go down the path you have chosen.  I LOVE YOU!  However, you are giving the enemy permission to destroy you. I will not protect you much longer.”  WHOA!

“Lord, I don’t know how to stop.  Help me.”


Now, I always believed in Jesus but never really understood how much He loved me.  How much He had sacrificed for me and how His desire was to walk with me AND talk with me, EVERYDAY.  If I could only give Him total control; my life could be very different.


It was the very next Sunday that I went to church and met Jesus face to face.  It was November 22, 1981.

I told Him, “IF you can forgive me for everything I’ve done and deliver me from these addictions that have practically stolen my life,  I WILL do what You tell me to do,  I WILL say what You tell me to say,  I WILL go where You tell me to go.”


That was 37 years ago.  Since then I have founded a ministry that has helped many people and taken me around the world.  I have never looked back.  Think about it!  For 37 years I have had a beautiful and wonderful life, serving others, establishing a home for women, ministering to families as area director of ICFM- pouring my heart into ministers, travelling throughout the United States- to Africa, the Philippines, Greece and Nicaragua- preaching the Word of God!  I have a wonderful husband who loves me with all of his heart.  I have no regrets!


So let me say from someone who’s been there.  YOU are called to greatness!  Why do you think the enemy has come against you since the day you were born? 

Freedom will not be automatic; it will be YOUR choice!



My desire is to impart to you the life skills and training you must have in order to function successfully in this world.  If you are willing to put forth the effort you will be amazed as to how quickly you will be transformed.  Let me say right here- there is NO magic wand that we can wave that will bring instant victory.  You have gone through years of pain.  You did not get into your problems overnight and you will not get out of them overnight.


How awesome is it that you have been provided a second chance?  So get your eyes off the past and everything you think you are giving up.  Get your eyes on hope, your future and a WONDERFUL life.


I look forward to meeting you...

Your servant and friend,
Rev Shawn
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